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Monday, November 12, 2018


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Lisa at Greenbow

What a way to take a hold of a meme and make it your own. Also what a nice friend to think of you and give you this vase and platform to use. She knew what she was doing too.

Linda Brazill

I was pretty excited when I got home and took everything out of the box. After I did my arrangement I went online to see how you are supposed to use those lacquer boards with the vase and actually found a lot of illustrations, so I will have to do that one of these weeks.

Barbara H.

That's a very nice melding of disparate things! The boards are so lovely that I'm anxious to see the rest. Your friend knows you well, doesn't she?


Absolutely perfect for today Linda - what an opportune acquisition! This is exactly how I hoped people might interpret the challenge - to encourage others to realise they didn't need to have a vase or even any container at all. Definitely thinking out of the box and I am very grateful that you shared your contribution. Thank you

Linda Brazill

I am thrilled to get such a great gift and so unexpected. I am already thinking about how to use it and soon.

Linda Brazill

Cathy, I can't tell you how much I look forward to this every Monday. And I enjoy it just as much whether I participate or not. Thanks for continuing to host.

Loree / danger garden

Wow, now I can't wait to see the vase! What a wonderful re-homing effort.

Linda Brazill

Though I am trying to downsize my massive vase collection, the gift of a Japanese lacquer container gets a yes vote!


A very special gift which is perfect for your wonderful arrangement. I got the words a bit mixed up and did an in a not vase rather than the assigned not in a vase. Oops.

Eliza Waters

You are the master of understated elegance, Linda. You have risen to the challenge admirably! Your wabi-sabi arrangement really brings out the beauty of each item.

Kris P

Well done! The vignette has a wonderful grace about it. I've never heard of that Euphorbia species. I generally think of plants in that genus as drought tolerant but I know the genus has a large number of species. I suspect this one wouldn't be at all happy in my area but I do love its shape and will look into it.


Good friend and fortuitous encounter. Smart use of the boards. Can't wait until you share the vase as well.

Amelia Grant

Can't wait to see the vase! A very seasonal and soothing zen arrangement.


Linda you have created a perfect masterpiece that Ikebana enthusiasts would love. And I adore it!

Susan Adler Sobol

Eliza Waters' comment was perfect. As someone who's been attempting to downsize for some years now, I can tell you it is so gratifying to find someone who truly appreciates an object that needs to find a new home. This is a story with a very happy ending!

Linda Brazill

I planted it at the edge of my pond where it soaks up a little water. It was fairly floppy though and I've read it will do that if it does not get enough sun. Thought it would be OK where I put it but only time will tell.


Beautiful materials and colours.


I love this for its elegance and simplicity. Japanese-style arrangements have something about them and you have captured the essence of these two elements perfectly!

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