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Friday, November 30, 2018


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Barbara H.

This is a lovely review and makes me, like you, want to curl up by a fire and dip into a world full of sensory description. I laughed to myself at your description early on of the physical book - "The pages are bright white with type that's easy to read and recipes printed in a size that is useful..." - these are very important attributes for a book to have for the ease of reading with aging eyes!

Lisa at Greenbow

I wish I had an independent bookstore to peruse.
This book sounds like something I would like.

Linda Brazill

It’s true; the physical readability is now an important consideration.


Sounds like a wonderful daily read. Must go shopping!

Linda Brazill

I think you would enjoy his humor but it helps to be an Anglophile who loves plum pudding to really appreciate the book!

Linda Brazill

We are lucky to still have independent bookstores and used bookstores. I try to buy from them as much as I can despite paying full price. They have such knowledgeable staff people who can help you and remember what you've read etc. Such a difference.

Kris P

It sounds like the book equivalent of an advent calendar, guiding your through the holiday season.

Linda Brazill

That’s an excellent description. Wish I’d thought of it.

Marsha M

Slater is wonderful. If you haven't read his "Kitchen Diaries" you are in for a treat. He writes about the meals he made, ate and sourced throughout one year. And he writes about his garden and eating in season as well. Just the thing for a gardener who cooks.

Linda Brazill

Thanks. I had heard of him but really was not familiar with his work.

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