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Thursday, November 22, 2018


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Lisa at Greenbow

And a Happy Thanksgiving to you too. I hope you and Mark have your fair share of turkey and pie today.

Barbara H.

Happy Thanksgiving, Mark and Linda.

Linda Brazill

thank you for those kind wishes.

Linda Brazill

Mark's sister, who was hosting the family Thanksgiving, got very sick yesterday and was at the ER for much of the day where they think it might be related to the Romaine lettuce e-coli issue. So she's on a a bunch of drugs and she had to toss all the food she handled.

Thus we are making do with stuff in the freezer or a quick trip to the grocery store before they close. My assignment was a bread basket and cranberry sauce. So we have homemade cranberry orange bread and pumpkin bread and corn bread and crusty white bread perfect for leftover turkey sandwiches. Just no turkey or dressing or gravy.

A good story to tell on future holidays and we're just glad she's OK. When someone tells you they just got home from the ER, that is a pretty scary phone call.

Kris P

I'm sorry that your Thanksgiving plans hit a major bump in the road but the important thing is that your SIL is okay. Enjoy your impromptu meal!


Happy last minute change Thanksgiving. So glad your sister is okay.


Best wishes to your sister-in-law for quick and complete recovery from the outbreak, with a virtual hug for Mark. Those breads sound like just the thing to lift up a family weathering a blow.

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