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Monday, November 26, 2018


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Your garden looks all ready for winter! I'm impressed with all you do to prepare. Being a lazy gardener, I usually just go inside, shut the door, and hope for the best.

Loree / danger garden

I am so thankful to live somewhere that does not require snow markers, but those are lovely!

Linda Brazill

I've left plenty undone but I am not working outdoors when the high is not getting out of the 20s.

Linda Brazill

If it doesn't snow for a while they are much nicer to look at than orange plastic snow fencing which is what a lot of people do.

Lisa at Greenbow

It appears that you are ready for winter to commence. I know that feeling of being exposed to the world. I hate it. We are by a busy road too.

Kris P

It's only since I began reading blogs that I've come to appreciate how much effort goes into preparing for winter's arrival in climates that aren't like my own. The bamboo markers are brilliant and, if I had more sense I'd be using that leaf chopper buried somewhere in the garage to chop up more of my own leaves before tossing them in the compost tumbler.


Here most of our snows are under 6 inches.....not that they don't tie up traffic, cancel school, etc, but still, relatively low levels of snow. So I am amused in parking lots, etc, to see 36 inch markers set up to guide plows....this product has some very effective marketing! And of course they are not as attractive as yours!


Linda Brazill

We used to just use straight bamboo rods but these are much nicer. They feel like an appropriate addition to the garden rather than the typical last minute make-do that winter brings on.

Beth @ PlantPostings

What a great idea--and they look attractive, too! I was so glad this last snowstorm missed us; then again, it's only a matter of time...

Susan Adler Sobol

Those bamboo markers are in a class of their own!

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

It seems absurd to get so excited about a little bit of bamboo and twine, but I think Mark's idea is ingenious. It looks so much better than the hideous reflective stakes we've used forever. Thanks for the great idea. It's probably too late to implement this strategy this year, but I will make a mental note to make use of it in the future.

Linda Brazill

When you see those markers every time you leave and return, it does make it worth the work to make them look good. Plus I see them from the kitchen window over the sink.

Mark Golbach

He Said: Linda neglected to mention that the bamboo sticks are actually split staves from worn out kendo practice swords. They work well because they are high quality bamboo, uniform in shape and thicker at one end, the end I put in the ground. I'm lucky to have a source!

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