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Thursday, December 13, 2018


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Both are gorgeous. Great tip about storing everything in one labeled box. Was there a bit of searching going on?

Linda Brazill

After a couple of years of searching in various boxes, I wised up. Now all my Xmas items are in labeled containers.

Loree / danger garden

I spot quite a few things I'd like to "borrow" from both of your displays. And thanks for the reminder I need to pick up a few pomegranates!


That's beautiful! I need to go through our ornaments when we decorate the tree, and see what I can come up with!

Linda Brazill

I have more ornaments than fit on my tree anymore. I often do a big glass container full of them for the table or to put in another room than the tree. I've done them with mostly reds, or blue greens or silver. Since the tree is about the ornaments for me, I like the chance to enjoy them up close.

Kris P

Both displays are wonderful. I've never used the battery-operated lights but I've been thinking that would be a nice extra for my outdoor wreath. It's funny you mention putting all items you intend to use in a particular display together - that's what I remember doing with my wreath materials last year but now I can't find the box!

Linda Brazill

I have some greens on the house by the front door and i think i may try a 5' strand of the battery lights with them. Also I now put an 8 1/2 x 11" sheet of paper hanging over the edge of cardboard boxes (held in place by the lid) or inside of clear plastic bins saying everything that's inside. I have too many boxes of craft supplies and holiday and picnic items to ever find anything otherwise.

Lisa at Greenbow

Ha, I have a big plate full of stuff too. I use the same kugels every year yet the greenery is sometimes real, but like this year not, and the other items with them vary. A fun tradition.

Linda Brazill

I love getting these all out of storage and visiting them again.

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