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Friday, December 21, 2018


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Carexes are wonderful evergreen plants. I grow several in my own garden but that they're hardy in your climate makes me admire them even more. Happy green Christmas!

Kris P

I'm fond of Carex too, although I suspect we lean on different species to withstand our very different climates. My own favorite is 'Evergold'.


Hmmmm. They look really nice and you have me considering adding a few carex. Do they require much work? Do you leave most of the fallen leaves amongst them? I bet they'd be nice in between perennials in my front border, visible mostly just during the winter. i think I have some researching to do this holiday!

Lisa at Greenbow

I finally got the C. plantaginea in my garden. So far so good. It is laughing at this winter weather. That blue one looks interesting. I might have to look that one up too.


I had never seen seersucker sedge until we were in north TN last year. Does yours crinkle up anymore than that?


We have a number of sedges too and they are becoming quite popular to use in place of grass. Season Greetings to you and your garden.

Linda Brazill

I don't worry too much about leaves remaining on the Carexes in the winter. But I try not to leave them densely buried. Then I rake them out a bit in the spring. Sometimes I cut the foliage back but I have gone a few years with C. plantaginea without doing a thing to them. If you cut them back you just have to be careful not to cut into the crown which is harmful.

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