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Thursday, December 27, 2018


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Such bright and cheerful berries look good now but will be really amazing as the shrub grows.

Loree / danger garden

One male to two females eh? Interesting goings on in your garden ;)


They look especially poppin' against the frosting of snow.

Berries jolly up winter immensely. I have high hopes for a yellow-berried possumhaw (Ilex decidua), which They Say will be fertilized by American hollies. Conveniently, there's a male holly nearby. Inconveniently, it seems to flower a week after the possumhaw, so it's looking as if I'll have to order a companion to get the desired effect. Grrr.

Linda Brazill

I've heard that yellow berries actually show up better than red. But most of the yellow-berried shrubs I see are not hardy here or are too big for any spaces we have.

Kris P

I never appreciated berries in my old garden as I do now - they provide color where there'd otherwise be none and of course the birds love them. Our "Christmas Berry" is Heteromeles arbutifolia (aka Toyon), a California native that grows to tree-like heights.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Nice! I don't have any Ilex shrubs in my garden, but my MIL has several dramatic hybrids at her condo community. They're really vibrant. I'm glad yours is filling in nicely for you!


This is very tempting....we don't get much snow for the optimal contrast, but even the leaf color contrast is enjoyable. Clearly I need to look at Berry Poppins pretty closely. I wonder if it could be fertilized by my volunteer American holly.....


Linda Brazill

Good question but one I don't know the answer to.

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