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Wednesday, December 19, 2018


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Hellebores suddenly began appearing here as potted plants in grocery and DIY stores a few winters ago - very expensive, but I bought one for a beloved child in the mountains of PA and it flourished wildly in their garden for a couple years. I always thought it would be too hot in the summer here, but I've resolved to try some in my garden next season - they appear to grow in the hills of North Carolina for a well thought of nursery there. Yours look splendid, even if they go into hibernation for a month or two now.


Linda Brazill

Pine Knot Farms in Clarksville, VA is one the main breeders of Hellebores, so you might check out their zone/weather etc and compare it to yours.

Loree / danger garden

I noticed buds on two of my Hellebores yesterday...and the resulting surge of spring fever, for just a minute.

Kris P

It's nice when a plant lives up to its name. Most of my hellebores bloom in spring, if they bloom at all. I've always thought that a little odd as mine usually appear well after I see them featured in the blogs of those in colder climates and, in most other cases, plants bloom earlier, not later, in my climate.


Ah, down on the North Carolina if they can take the heat and humidity there they should be able to struggle through where I am. Great tip. I now have a project for the spring - Hellebores!


Lisa at Greenbow

I think it is odd that I don't ever see buds until much later. It is nice to have their nearly evergreen foliage though.

Anna K

I've noticed buds on several hellebores as well. One of these days, I will have to go out and clear all the old foliage off. I also need to prune back an old Viburnum that shades them out too much. So many projects... sigh!


Hellebores at local nurseries are in bloom but those in my garden are only in bud. However, we're having some rather warm and stormy weather so perhaps mine will open for Christmas. Your buds are full of hope for spring.

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