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Monday, December 03, 2018


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Even in this state, these are beautiful. If Mark likes dust, he'd be right at home at my house. We've started naming the dust bunnies and we now consider them pets.

Linda Brazill

My policy is that I will dust for guests but not for friends!


What a useful partner to have to enjoy the patina of dust and rust - I just don't notice, and fortunately The Golfer doesn't either! IAVOM has introduced me to how plant material of all types of decay and it has been an interesting learning process - your bergenia leaf is a great example!

Linda Brazill

Between Piet Oudolf and the head of the university's Allen Centennial Garden, I am learning to love brown and dying plants.

Loree / danger garden

Both wonderful examples of how many throw out fading flowers and foliage too soon.

Kris P

Decay can be beautiful! I found a skeletonized leaf on my back slope that I thought was pretty enough to keep but somehow lost it in the midst of tidying up that section of the garden.

Lisa at Greenbow

I can see that you like these fading colors. My Japanese Maples are holding on to some of those leaves. It looks like I had a paper bag tearing contest and all the remains are hung on the trees. Happy IAVOM.


Oh he is a wabi sabi person who loves the imperfections...I do too and these are wonderful.

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