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Friday, December 14, 2018


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What a delightful way to celebrate signing all that paperwork! Nice to have that done. I looked up Himal Chuli and found that they deliver (or that someone delivers for them) but I may be a bit outside of their delivery area. The menu looks fabulous.

Barbara H.

Congratulations on getting those important papers completed! That's huge. I need to update mine to make sure they work in Alabama. I'm sorry to hear about Mark's A-fib and hope that all goes well. It sounds like you had a perfect way to celebrate.

Loree / danger garden

Ugh. A task we really need to take care of as well. Thank you for the inspiration.

Linda Brazill

Not many restaurants where we walk in and get a hug from the owner! That tells you how many years we've been going there.

Linda Brazill

They're treating the A-fib with meds and he hasn't had any problems since the original episode. But it was a bit scary to suddenly be the "old" people in our driveway at midnight with Mark being loaded into the EMT ambulance. Don't want to do that again.

Linda Brazill

Mostly we just wanted to make things easier for each other on the assumption that we are unlikely to exit together.

Kris P

I'm sorry to hear of your husband's health scare but those preparations are smart, as is celebrating getting that task behind you!

Linda Brazill

He's been fine since then but it was the real impetus for us to finally get this done.


Thank you for sharing your lives and especially, in this post, the art gallery visit. I have favorite paintings that I like to visit each chance I get at various galleries - it makes such a difference how they are displayed and I begin to feel quite proprietary about "my" paintings. I'm pretty over the dark grey walls that seem popular everywhere; I guess the paintings pop against them but life can be gloomy enough without dark grey walls.


Linda Brazill

We now make it a habit to stop in Cleveland to visit their fabulous galleries every time we drive out east. And if possible, I visit Buffalo and visit all the works I grew up with. You are so right: we do have favorites and are quite proprietary about them!

Lisa at Greenbow

It is a relief to have those things accomplished. on.
Your celebration dinner looks good. Makes me hungry looking at the pictures.
I am with you in thinking that Kahlo wouldn't want to be enshrined along with her works. Maybe they are just afraid someone would steal it. Sad but people do those things.

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