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Wednesday, December 26, 2018


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Barbara H.

Snow really does transform the garden. Since your garden is so lovely even in winter drabness, snow makes it very special.

Linda from Each Little World

Thanks for those kind words. I have to say we really enjoy the way it looks in winter and when it rains as much as — if not more — than when everything is in flower.


Very special to have a white Christmas. Snow and a visit from a 1970's sitcom star (Redd Foxx) - Sounds like an Andy Williams Christmas special. I hope your day was as peaceful and bright as your garden looks.

Lisa at Greenbow

You bet this counts as a white Christmas. The snow is lucky to have such a lovely garden to fall into. Merry merry...hoe hoe hoe.

Kris P

How delightful! Supposedly, there have been a few red fox sightings on our peninsula but I've yet to see one - the raccoons and coyotes own the surrounding area I guess. And while you got snow, we got a teeny bit of rain.


The white of the snow really sets off the structure of the evergreens. You're very fortunate to have the house as such an intimate part of the garden, but I suspect that's no coincidence!
Here there's just one window that overlooks the garden, and even there the deck blocks some of the view and height of the house makes the garden feel further away.

Linda Brazill

Finding a "blank canvas" and a house that did not need work were our main criteria when we went garden hunting. At our first house we could only see the garden from the kitchen table. So discovering this house had huge window and a ground level deck on the back side were frosting on the cake. When we left the viewing mark said, nice place and I said we're making an offer this afternoon. And we did and the rest is history as they say.

Linda Brazill

Our snow is gone and it is raining now for a couple of days but then temps will take a dive again. One more strange season in a year of strange weather.

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