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Tuesday, December 18, 2018


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Barbara H.

Oh yes, I always hope to do this in the fall when it's summer so there's no reason to get busy on it. By the time fall comes, the weather is so busy either being good or bad that it's easy to postpone. Maybe next year....

Kris P

At least you put your tools in the garage! Our mild weather lends to the false belief that I can leave my tools outside with impunity. When they get really bad, I hand them off to my husband with a request to "sharpen" them, which usually means he cleans them too. I'm shameless.

Lisa at Greenbow

When you realize the world has stopped rotating you will know I am cleaning my garden tools. This is a chore I am ashamed to say rarely gets done. Sometimes in the spring I hastily give tools a cleaning. Why I am like this I can't tell you. Just is.

Linda Brazill

I do the same thing to my husband with my tools!

Linda Brazill

I want my tools usable but somehow I never quite realize that means I am supposed to do something.


Ha ! My shovel is currently stuck in the ground in one of my beds, my dandelion digger and my trowel are on an exposed bench outside and all of them have been visited by about 2 inches of rain, fog and a touch of frost.


It's impressive that you brought them inside. Mine sometimes make it inside; other times they remain in beds until I go searching in the spring.

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