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Tuesday, December 11, 2018


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I like the slippery green deck as it fits in so nicely with the evergreens in your garden. The snow will soon come and transform your garden into that dreamy scene again.

Linda Brazill

WE have some big mats we put down on the deck if we have a garden tour after a recent rain. People never realize how slippery things get in a shady garden.

Loree / danger garden

So the branch just wedged itself in the crotch of the tree? How odd, and interesting. I'd be tempted to hang plants off of it, but that's much more my garden style than yours. Also, I love the greenish decking...but then I don't have to try and walk on it...

Linda Brazill

The end of the branch you can't see has a lot of limbs coming off it so we can't just get a ladder and pull it through that opening.


I love this idea! I like to share my disasters, big and small, with my friends on Facebook. It helps me laugh at myself, and hopefully shows them that they are not alone when they mess something up.

Lisa at Greenbow

Heck, I have concrete that is green and slippery. That is one thing I could address next spring, if I had a power washer. I borrowed one a few years ago and did the whole patio. I have an area that is very shaded and it turns black even. UGH... I could go on and on. Ha... I wish we would get big piles of snow to hide all of my garden's sins.
When we were in Barrow Alaska one summer, where the sun never sets, the snow was mostly melted. An owner of a business there told us to please come back and see Barrow during winter when all the ugliness of the place was covered with snow. I will never forget that. Believe me when I say your garden isn't ugly, nor does it have many ugly spots.That limb in the tree looks quite natural to me. I believe there is one of those out in our maple. I like natural, especially when I can't do anything about it. ;)

Linda Brazill

The deck got powerwashed a few years ago, but really needs to be replaced.

Kris P

Like beauty, ugly is also certainly in the eye of the beholder. Your garden may not look as picturesque as it did with its 2015 covering of snow but it's still attractive to my eyes. Good luck getting that branch out of the tree!

Beth @ PlantPostings

It's funny you mention that last part--I prefer the browns and greens to the white. Snow can stay away as long as possible. Your garden always looks like a professional botanical garden, no matter what the season. All the "true" things you mention simply make it real and more interesting than a perfectly pristine landscape, which I don't like. That's more appropriate for a golf course or a millionaire's estate--not particularly appealing to me.

Karen @ Lady of LaMancha

Messy and blah?! All I see is a well-designed garden with enviously mature evergreen and shade trees with bushes to provide architectural and textural interest in the dormant months, as well as a pond (A POND¡!¡!¡!) that is abundant with wildlife. Yes, I understand that the green deck can get slimy and slippery, but that means that your deck enjoys plenty of shade (SHADE¡!¡!¡!). Your garden has many features that my drought-stricken, sun-beaten garden will never have.

Ugh, I am definitely not joining this meme. I could do without my garden becoming the champion of ugliness. But, thank you for sharing yours!

Linda Brazill

Wow! You really are Lady of Spain.

No matter what my garden looks like at this time of year it seems messy because I expect snow cover! And it looks like it is going to warm up which is not good.

Thanks for your kind words about the garden. After 25 years it is getting there!

Anna K

Did Alison really start a meme like that? That's great - if so I really need to join in! Every vista in my garden has debris in it, bearing witness of still to be finished projects and poor potted plants clinging to life in less than ideal positions.

As for your garden, I think it looks positively park-like - with or without snow. I must confess I like it either way.

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