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Monday, December 10, 2018


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You've mastered the most important part of splurging on plants; finding someone else to blame.:) Wishing you every success with your new purchases and new governor!

Linda Brazill

I'm sure I can blame the GOP for a lot of garden purchases this winter.

Loree / danger garden

Years ago I attended a small private party where galanthophile John Grimshaw spoke about his love of snowdrops. He almost hooked me, but I still don't have a single one in my garden.

Linda Brazill

I think you have to have my kind of winter where you are frantic for early flowers to fall for snowdrops. They are literally the first things that bloom here right when we are getting desperate for green.

Kris P

Peonies AND snowdrops! I am so envious.


Good thing I don't have an extra dime at the moment, or I'd be madly ordering a pair of 'Primrose Warburg'. A foot and a half of snow (when 3-4 inches was predicted), earliest-ever storm of this size here, plus the usual political irritations, makes me sure that I'll be longing for color by the time the winter aconites' bright yellow buds appear.
Last winter I read up on snowdrops, and the yellow kinds would make lovely companions for the Eranthis, but it would probably be a good idea to start with some inexpensive ordinary ones and see how they do. It could be another decade before 'PW' comes down to a reasonable price. Another "Pinterest garden"...

Susan Adler Sobol

Ah snowdrops! Towards the end of winter, when they make their first appearance they are a sign of hope and good things to come as the earth reawakens. After reading another ominous editorial about Wisconsin politics in the NYT this morning, the thought of snowdrops is refreshing!

Amelia Grant

Love it the GOP causing plant purchases! I am not sure if they are more appalling here in Florida or Wisconsin. I think you get the prize this time. Hopefully the Snowdrops make you feel better, they would for me.


Well those snowdrops are lovely Linda. It's a real treat to have early bloomers to help lift spirits and enjoy renewal.

Lisa at Greenbow

I love me some snowdrops too no matter what the cause.

rusty duck

Marvellous. Snowdrops are one of the few things which make me feel better about going home. If the Brexit shenanigans continue the way they are going I may well be falling for some extra ‘specials’ too.

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