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Thursday, December 06, 2018


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Loree / danger garden

What a pathetic state of affairs!

Linda Brazill

Similar post-election stuff going on in Michigan as well. The only upside (if there is one) is that citizens are furious and it has gotten a lot of major press in the NYTimes and Wash Post.


It is disgusting and disheartening. I just can't understand what makes people cling so tightly to power and all that they think it brings them.


Hope you enjoy life in the new lawless wasteland of snow and ice! Should we color in one of the stars on the flag now?

Linda Brazill

The worst thing is that this is what the GOP has now become across the boards. They are not interested in democracy and are doing whatever they can to kill it. That sounds absurd but it appears to be more true than I ever would have once believed.

Linda Brazill

During the 2011/12 huge protests, one of the songs we sang had a lyric that referred to how determined we were because we "fish through the ice." Alas, we learned that 150,00 citizens in the streets for months did not sway one vote. We were all tarred as thugs regardless of age or affiliation.

Kris P

The pathetic actions of the GOP losers in Wisconsin was prominently featured in the Los Angeles Times again today. Incredible! And this was the party that derided Democratic "snowflakes" after the 2016 presidential election.

Lisa at Greenbow

I have seen on our news about how the Rs are trying to change a bunch of laws to benefit them and to cripple the incoming Ds. It is traitorous and unacceptable.

Susan Adler Sobol

I've been keeping up with the news from Madision here in Illinois. This is so upsetting. I didn't like President Bush's politics but he was a decent human being who knew the meaning of civility. The new breed of Republican is treading dangerously on democracy. What has happened to our world? It's frightening.

Linda Brazill

Alas, I think you nailed it.


Oh Linda, I am so angry, so sad, so disgusted. I called my assemblyman Dan Knodl's office and couldn't even get through to leave a message. That Onion article is spot on. I just wanted to go back to boring Wisconsin politics after dealing with the last 8 years and yet here we are again. This is so incredibly undemocratic.

On a related note, my friend as been sitting in the front row during the hearings and I keep seeing her on tv :)


They're doing everything they can to stay in power and make sure those corporate contributions keep rolling in! Pa just went through court ordered redistricting. I assume Wisconsin is looking at the same fight?

Linda Brazill

That is one of the good things we hope to see: Fair redistricting in 2020. Dems are winning in turnout but losing seats because of gerrymandering.


It must be a challenge to write for The Onion these days. How can they even keep up with the absurdities.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Yes, it's disgusting. I would feel the same way if the Ds were doing something like this. The people voted, so let it be. The Rs have shown they don't deserve ANY votes. Don't get me started on the topic of gerrymandering. Despicable.


Excellent NPR coverage of this mess on 1-A yesterday, drawing a parallel with recent North Carolina efforts to tie the hands of an in-coming Democratic governor, and with the Marbury v. Madison Supreme Court case long ago. Sadly I'm not sure we have the same quality Court at the moment. I'm really tired of living in interesting times.


Barbara H.

No words - just sick at heart at this and so much else. Haven't read The Onion article but I should probably go bookmark it or bring it up to come back to later in the day.

Barbara H.

Okay, just read The Onion since it was so short and immediately drew me in. Loved it!

Linda Brazill

Oh, good. I was going to tell you to just open it as the headline pretty much says it all.

Linda Brazill

My husband mentioned that the former Fox anchor that Trump just appointed to the UN, thinks the highlight of German American relations was D-Day. Now that is way beyond anything The Onion might come up with to satirize! Unless she considers the highpoint was when we were killing them in WWII.

Linda Brazill

I totally agree. I am ready for some boring quiet and ethical behavior on all fronts.

Linda Brazill

I just saw a good friend in the protest photo on the front page of the NYTimes. He's been protesting the GOP in Wisconsin down at The Capitol almost daily for 8 years.

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