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Wednesday, January 02, 2019


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Loree / danger garden

Enjoy! I'm enjoying NOT having snow this year, and hoping my luck holds.

Linda Brazill

I love the look but I like dry streets and sidewalks every more!

Kris P

So pretty! And probably so cold! Our daytime temps have been in the 50s and I can't stop shivering.

Linda Brazill

The high today won't get out of the 20s. But then it is slowly going up to the 40s which always means shedding a layer of clothing! Obviously, it's all relative.

Lisa at Greenbow

The snow looks beautiful as it enhances your garden. I am hoping the snow they have predicted for us will show up. It won't be as much as yours nor as pretty but what is winter without snow? Must have in my book. You all are wilder than we are. We ate dinner out, came back here and played cards with friends for a bit and were in bed at 9pm on NY eve. ha...

Linda Brazill

New Year's Eve was the most fun when we were kids and got to stay up late. Mark and I realized that in 30 years of being married, this was the first NY's eve where we remembered being invited to parties.


Our inaugural snow a month ago was so big (most of the way to two feet) and lasted on the ground long enough (a full week!) that it pretty much canceled out that particular yearning. But now it's far enough behind us that I wouldn't say no to a lovely inch or so to disguise the sodden mess that's on view...

Your garden's shapes are so satisfying. Love the Buddha's snow toque!


Heh. I think I grasp the impulse behind the sudden rash of parties; something on the order of 'Carpe diem', focusing on friends and what brings joy to make it a bit easier to get through dismaying days.


Isn't it splendid how snow transforms a garden. I love seeing snow but the cold temperatures that come with it aren't my favorite.


Beautiful to see the way different things are highlighted by the snow (the bamboo fence, for instance, so elegant). Our 68 inches of precipitation in '18 included very little if no snow, which makes life easier (clearing the snow off roads isn't much of a thing here) but less scenic.



Absolutely beautiful, Linda! I'm sure your New Year's Day guests were bedazzled by this display.

Linda Brazill

Because we always have some snow, rain and snow stats are compiled separately. We had a little over 50 inches of rain compared to our normal of about 35 inches. So 2018 was a wet year just counting rain.

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