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Wednesday, January 30, 2019


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Barbara H.

I'm glad you've got what you need to wait it out. Hope that stays true and everything moves back to "normal" soon.


I remember that ice storm! We had power, but my babysitter (I guess today I should call her my daycare provider, though she was more like a second mom) did not. They had a fireplace though, and I remember her cooking over the fire. Jim's family didn't have power in the country between Madison and Verona, and he remembers their family of six living around the fireplace for a week or so. I'm glad you are safe at home, with plenty to keep you occupied. We are not nearly so cold in MO, though you wouldn't know it to listen to everyone!

Loree / danger garden

Isn't it a nice feeling when you don't have to go out? I was a retail store manager during a couple epic Seattle winter storms (epic by their standards) and always had to get to work, which was ridiculous because all the customers stayed home.

Linda Brazill

I saw a neighbor going to her retail job and I though the same thing. No one is going shopping unless it's for food or gas. I love being able to stay home in this kind of weather.

Linda Brazill

Heat and cold are all relative as you know. Folks always complain but not all of them have had experience with the extremes like you have.

Kris P

The photo of the drooping power lines is amazing! I'm glad you got to your exams and lived to tell the tale. Other than teacher strikes and massive wildfires in the immediate area, I can't honestly bring to mind any circumstances that lead to school closures, much less buisness closures here. I'd never heard of a stop on postal service until this morning's news reports concerning the polar vortex. However, when it rains heavily, newscasters here do urge people to stay off the roads - but I suspect that's a response to the increasing recklessness of drivers.

Lisa at Greenbow

Just hearing about your cold makes my bones hurt. Annie (our dog) was in a pout all day becasue I wouldn't take her for her daily walk this morning. I told her if it got up to 7F I would. It did this afternoon so I did. We only walked down the street, not far. Brrrrr Crazy cold, feels like below zero. Even crazier the temp is to rise 93 degrees this weekend. How can anything live through that? It just makes you realize what amazing creatures plants are. Keep warm.


It's a good thing that you get to stay home, safe and warm from the cold. Dramatic image of the 70's ice storm. Hope temperatures return to normal for you very soon!

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