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Monday, January 28, 2019


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So happy to get a taste of home without the cold or snow (thought we do have both right now, just not as extreme). I especially love the shot of the barn at Epic. Thanks for sharing.

Linda Brazill

We are in the midst of our third snowstorm in a week. An old-fashioned winter. It's easier to cope with when you don't have to get to work or the kids to school every day.


Such gorgeous images. Sometimes I miss winter but I've become quite spoiled by clear sidewakls and roads. Keep warm!

Linda Brazill

Winter would be perfect if the snow only fell on gardens and not sidewalks and streets.

Kris P

Wonderful photos! However, I'm glad to appreciate the beautiful scenery from a distance without having to struggle with the challenges of that kind of weather.


Lovely pictures! When we get that kind of snow basically everyone stays home. In fact I was stunned visiting a friend in Michigan a few years ago (to help during a health crisis) that I was supposed to drive places while there was snow on the roads. It really did not compute, but I did it - I think that one thing was that it was all really flat (where your area looks pretty hilly....) and for another thing since the snow never melted while I was there (February) there was none of the ice we struggle with here.

Stay warm!


Linda Brazill

I spent so many years driving to work and school and whatever in bad winter weather, that now I stay home whenever I can. Kind of wimpish but that's the benefit of being retired!

Lisa at Greenbow

Love those pictures. The sun is out here today despite it being so cold. The sun does make it all seem more bearable. Keep warm, throw some of those textiles around you. ;)

Beth @ PlantPostings

Amazing photos! These are prize-winners. Seriously. And they illustrate why I love this part of the country. The only thing I don't like is these unnatural, climate-change-induced polar vortexes. I feel like we're traveling into a dark, dangerous tunnel, and I won't feel safe until "normal" winter weather returns. But, seriously, these are amazing photos!

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