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Friday, January 11, 2019


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What a gift to the neighborhood! Thanks for the visit to summer, just the thing for winter-weary eyes.

Stephanie O'Neal


It looks like a Stewartia trunk.


Linda Brazill

That was my guess. If you think so too, I'm going with it!

Loree / danger garden

Public gardens like this are so valuable! Thanks for sharing.

Kris P

So much green - and in summer too! I don't know what that tree with the mottled bark is but it's a beauty - and very probably something that doesn't grow in my part of the country.


If the mottled bark of that tree is such a strong feature when surrounded by greenery and flowers, just imagine how showy it is against snow! Inspiring.

Lisa at Greenbow

That geranium hedge is amazing. I have never seen this plant used like this. This is giving me ideas. I enjoyed this glance back at summer scenes. I will look forward to seeing more.

Linda Brazill

I've never seen geraniums used that way either. It must be a variety that clumps more than entwines like some. I wonder if they prune it?


When I saw the image of the bark I thought immediately of Lacebark Pine

Linda Brazill

I think you are correct. Now that I look at the photo again, I see needles not deciduous foliage. We lost one of those trees that we'd had in our garden and I think that I took the photo because of that. Thanks for commenting.

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