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Thursday, January 24, 2019


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I love this idea but know nothing about how to self publish. You can always take your blog with you to the home for old gardeners who haven't been hit by a bus yet.

Lisa at Greenbow

I am not surprised that you would want to write a book about your garden. You write so well I am sure you won't be the only one that will want to read it.
I know nothing about self publishing a book. A friend of mine does a vacation book each time she and her hubby travels. It is usually more pictorial but she does add some text. She does it with one of the online companies. I think it is Shutterfly. I don't know if they would do more writing or not. She loves it and watches for sales of their services.
Watch out for those buses.

Kris P

Good for you! I've got a friend who published an account of her African photo safari using Shutterfly. Jean of Jean's Garden (blog) has mentioned a good experience using for her annual calendars. (I understand they publish books too.)

Barbara H.

This is an exciting development, partly because as you learn you will help us learn - or at least that's my guess. I first started reading your blog when you did the He Said / She Said series about the creation of the garden and I loved it. I think as you consider and cogitate you will come up with the format you want to use. The difficulty will be editing down the pictures and the words! There are so many of both and they are all good.

Linda Brazill

If you go back to those posts, you've been reading my blog almost since the beginning. Thank you for your persistence. I am actually going back to those very posts as a place to start for this potential book. We did those posts more as "how-tos" and I want the book to be more evocative and about memory etc. At least that is my current thinking.

Linda Brazill

Thanks for mentioning Shutterfly. A friend uses that for books for her grandson and I was going to check it out — once I remembered the name!

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