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Tuesday, January 29, 2019


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Lisa at Greenbow

Gorgeous photos. When I saw the fence roofs covered with so much snow I was thinking they looked like mountains covered with snow peaks.
Life would shut down here if we had that much snow. The cold is bad enough to do so the next few days. I have books, hot tea, hot chocolate and lots of patience. I wonder what February will bring.

Linda Brazill

Hot drinks and books and a fire are what we're doing these days. We're supposed to have record cold the next few days and then high 30s. Who knows what's next. Hard to get used to the fact that the new normal is that there is no normal anymore.


It's glorious to see from inside! I'm glad everything is tucked under a nice blanket of snow before your record cold temperatures come. Hope that the high thirties don't cause flooding with all the snow melt. Of course, if it freezes at night again everything will be covered in ice making venturing out even more treacherous to venture out. Keep warm and stay safe!

Linda Brazill

If I did not already know it, your comment makes it so clear that you lived way north where it gets really cold and snowy.


But beautifully insulated against the super cold snap, so there's that!

Kris P

The snow and cold in Wisconsin have featured prominently in news reports but Mark's photos bring reality to the words used to describe the situation. Snow is indeed beautiful but be careful!


Beautiful, but makes me ready for Spring. I should take a snow day.

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