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Monday, January 07, 2019


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Barbara H.

Now I'll have to go check my Hellebores for buds. We are having unseasonably warm weather for a few days - I'll take it! I love the way you allowed the ornaments and the dresser set to have a few days in the limelight.

Linda Brazill

My vanity has enough space on it that I do like to play! Plus the fancy mirror and scones demand a bit a holiday glitz. We've had a few warm days and now it is raining, so I am also curious as to what might be happening in the garden.


What a treat to have hellebores blooming at this time of year in Wisconsin! Our H. orientalis are starting to bloom now and will continue through spring. H. niger doesn't do well in my garden. Your bathroom glitz is wonderful & your grandmother's silver dresser set is perfect. I admire the way you rotate your collection to highlight different pieces.

Linda Brazill

It helps to think of all my stuff as "collections" rather than all the things that need to be "downsized"!

Noelle M

The little arrangement with leaves and hellebore are certainly classy enough to grace that elegant bathroom.

Loree / danger garden

The patterned leaves add nicely to the simple flowers in the arrangement, and I'd love to see more of the looks fabulous. I wonder if you noticed my sconces because you wrote about yours?


Yes, 'collections', Linda, that's definitely what they are! I really like how you have taken the trouble to 'set' this bathroom, scene, as one might set a table. And how lovely to be observing the hellebores close up. Surprisingly, H niger can sulk in the UK and I have lost mine in recent years

Linda Brazill

Ha, I think you may be correct that I noticed yours because I just wrote about mine! Very funny.

Linda Brazill

Now I feel like quite the gardener having a H. niger in bloom. I just assumed that they were an easy plant and everyone in the UK had them blooming now.

Kris P

This makes another beautiful vignette, Linda. The pretty hellebore blooms are a joy. One of my hellebores bloomed around Thanksgiving too on a plant ('Anna's Red') that doesn't usually bloom until spring but the flowers are significantly smaller than usual so I'm not sure what's happening there.

Amelia Grant

Love your Hellebores and I thought the Arum was a Heuchera, beautiful contrast. I am always happy to enjoy ornaments/heirlooms in another setting. The glass is lovely and reminds us of where it/or we came from.

Linda Brazill

I have some deep purple/black Hellebores but no reds like that one. I've only seen photos of it but it looks beautiful.


Wow, what a treat! Love those glass ornaments, too.

Lisa at Greenbow

I went out today to look for hellebore buds and snowdrop leaves but saw neither. I did see couple of blooms on a witch hazel, I forget the name of it. All that shine is good for this time of year.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Very pretty, Linda. I don't have any of the autumn/winter Hellebores in my garden. But I do know the H. orientalis varieties are budding under the mulch. They are probably very cold today, although they are hardy little things. The vase, the ornaments, and the silver set really add grace to your arrangement!

Linda Brazill

Seems like we are having a winter similar to last year. Temps up and down and not much snow. Just hoping we don't get any really severe cold without snow cover.

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