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Monday, January 14, 2019


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Barbara H.

I love both the inspiration and the fulfillment of your desire. I hope it keeps going for a long time! I have not gone down the rabbit hole of Pinterest yet but did finally succumb to Instagram. I'm trying to keep a lid on it, though.

Linda Brazill

I think they are both rabbit holes! I tend to go on Pinterest later in the evening when I'm too tired to read or do anything that takes real mental activity.


What a pretty arrangement; I especially like the lichened branch effect! Someone gave me a pot of succulents over the holidays and I am moving them around looking for a patch of indoor daylight - sun being too much to hope for at this time of year! My usual luck with succulents is pretty poor as I enjoy watering things.

!0 inches of snow here so life as we know it is suspended for a while, really rather pleasant until I have to go out this evening!



I also find great ideas on pinterest. I love both the image you found and your interpretation of the idea. Who would have thought to put conifers and succulents together? It works beautifully.

Lisa at Greenbow

This is a keeper. I could find everything except the lichen covered stem. Good job. I troll Pinterest too.

Linda Brazill

I would love that snow to insulate the garden. If only it fell on unpaved ground and not on streets and sidewalks!

Linda Brazill

I think the combo of evergreens and succulents is what caught my eye. It felt like a holiday arrangement that would not look like Christmas leftovers come January!

Linda Brazill

It seems like most branches that come down in the garden have lichens on them to some degree. Not sure if it a good sign or not.

Loree / danger garden

I love it! Well done, it bridges the gap between the holiday season (evergreens) and spring (the succulents). I've given up on Pinterest. I used to love it, but when they stopped showing me people I'd signed up to follow and started showing me what they thought I wanted to see (and I most definitely did not), well, I lost interest.

Linda Brazill

I never signed up to follow anyone. So now I just search for the names of the people whose sites I know I like. I hate that they bombard you with images of any thing you've glanced at.


This is a lovely idea, Linda, and even better knowing how long it is lasting. I don't bother with Facebook/Pinterest/Instagram as I have more than enough to fill my days as it is!

Kris P

It turned out great, Linda! You make me wish I'd tried something similar, not that I have lichen or pine foliage on hand. I've got quite a few Pinterest boards, which I use as scrapbooks of a sort for reference purposes, all but 2 plant/garden-oriented.

Amelia Grant

Gorgeous, I can't cope with Pinterest. One of my clients building a house viewed it 32,000 times. Love the Grapetosedum, grow it in the garden here. I still have cones collected over the years, white pines are a favorite.


Good sign: unpolluted air.


Pinterest boards really helped me organize garden plants, thoughts, possibilities, and resources when I came back to gardening (physically and mentally) several years ago. The stream they pick for you isn't my cup of tea, but I get a lot out of my own boards and those of selected others.

Linda Brazill

I think you are using Pinterest in the way that makes sense.

Linda Brazill

Having done some remodeling, we learned to hire a contractor with a designer who knows what is available in your price range and can show you a reasonable number of items. 32,000 is definitely over the edge!


Oh how fortunate you are to have an endless source of pinecones on your doorstep Linda. I like your interpretation of the container you came across on Pinterest. A month on and looking most fresh so you are certainly getting good value. I could become seriously addicted to Pinterest so try to limit my time there.

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