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Thursday, January 17, 2019


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Loree / danger garden

I love this concept, especially the part about doing it in your home and keeping it small. I hope you have great fun.

Linda Brazill

Of course, we're way below our normal winter snowfall so a storm is predicted for Saturday! I decided to mention this workshop knowing that you and others belong to groups that might want to consider doing something similar. We have lots of lectures and trips, but this is a new idea and has been very popular.

Kris P

Best wishes with the talk, Linda. I'm sure both you and the attendees will get a lot out of it.


Hoping the storm holds off until after your workshop, but it sounds like something worth shuffling through snow for! Looking forward to your reflections at some point afterward.

Linda Brazill

If you look under journals in the blog categories list, you can find some of what I will talk about.

Lisa at Greenbow

I really like your cardex way of keeping track of plants. I should have done that years ago. I wonder if it is too late??? I have books...many with info. I could dig them out and start from the beginning. I would dread the "dead" section. ha... Have fun... I know the attendees will. Be sure and tell us something you learn too.

Linda Brazill

the "dead" section is pretty big and doesn't even include everything. I used to just toss the cards.


How generous! Hope the weather is cooperative!


Beth @ PlantPostings

Sounds like a great topic and I'm sure it will go well. I really enjoy the intimate groups the best. I don't think I'll present at the Garden Expo again this year--just too nerve-wracking, even though our audience wasn't large. Break a leg!

Barbara H.

Gosh, this sounds like a great opportunity for those in the area. I hope the weather cooperates and that you all have a great time.

Linda Brazill

The last time I spoke at Garden Expo was a presentation in the big meeting room on the main floor on Friday night at 5 pm as the whole weekend was beginning. I got there an hour early and brought slides as a backup in case there were any computer problems. It took the Coliseum tech along with a WHA tech the whole hour to get everything working properly. Too much stress to ever repeat!!


No one better than you to give a class like this. Your organizational skill is impressive and your artistic side makes your records beautiful as well. Hope you all had great fun - I'm sure the class went well!

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