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Monday, January 21, 2019


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Barbara H.

Yikes! Guess that's why I moved to Portland and then finally to NE Alabama, though it's not as warm as I thought it would be down here. I've been circling the country having started out in Michigan with 7 years in Minneapolis. I think I'm willing to live with an incomplete circle. I'm so glad your workshop was a success. Stay warm.

Linda Brazill

Given how much farther north Mpls. is from Madison, you know cold! I like the four seasons, but this weather makes winter too depressing. It looks like it will be here for ten days at least. Hope it's not longer than that.

Lisa at Greenbow

It is always colder up by you but it is plenty cold here too. 10 this morning with feels like 0. It will get up to 28 today. Looking forward to that. My crazy dog is outside. I think she is part husky. The cold isn't too hard on her. Of course she doesn't stay out too long. Just long enough to check out her territory.

Linda Brazill

It is supposed to get up to 15 today so 28 would feel like heaven!


It may have been cold outside but it sounds like the potluck, seed exchange, and your classes were full of warmth and energy.

rusty duck

I was driven to despair this morning when I looked on the UK Met Office website to see a severe weather warning. At a temperature of +3C!!
I knew we were soft. But not that soft. What on earth would they do if it was -26C?

Linda Brazill

This is weather when we are glad to be retired with a full fridge! Sometimes when it is really cold like this the schools are closed because it is too cold for kids to be outside waiting for a bus. I think I have four winter coats for every degree of weather!


I guess winter did not forget about us after all! We have the same weather front here, and although it's a balmy 0F is still feels cold with the wind.
Maybe it can just be cold for a while and then disappear in late february as we enter the countdown to spring. It's the cold blasts in March that disgust me more!

Kris P

As I sit her shivering at temperatures in the upper 50s (hey, we've got a wind chill thing going on too), I can't even imagine temperatures as cold as you're dealing with. It sounds as though you had a full and rewarding weekend despite the weather and I hope you're fully enjoying your cozy Monday at home.


Glad everyone made it safely to the workshop. So far, at least, we seem to be having the worst weather at times when it's least inconvenient (Saturday night into early Sundays, holiday Mondays). The vortex froze everything that didn't melt in Saturday's rain into a stiff glaze that'll be with us for a while...

It was mighty cold, with a 20mph wind at midnight when I stepped out to see the super blood moon. Conveniently, it was right overhead -- and pretty cool to see. One good look was enough!

Beth @ PlantPostings

Yes, it was cold this morning! I'm glad December and the first part of January were mild, but now we're having to readjust, aren't we? I'm glad to get a little snow as insulation, since we didn't have enough last winter. And I'm glad I work at home. Got out today to meet a friend for lunch, but I don't miss the years of having to go into the office day after day in the subzero temps.

Loree / danger garden

I’ve been through those temps back in Spokane, but I’m hoping I never have to do it again you guys are tough!

Linda Brazill

The supermoon woke us up early as it was shining in our window so brightly.

Linda Brazill

Nothing better than not having to go out and drive to work in this weather. I used to sit near a big window in the newsroom and we were always freezing.

Linda Brazill

We like to tell stories about how dreadful winter is every time a magazine publishes one of those articles that makes people move here.

Linda Brazill

I was meeting my girlfriends for coffee Monday afternoon and one of them said to meet at her house. It was too cold out to sit in a coffee shop where the door would keep opening and freeze us! A cosy day on all fronts.

Linda Brazill

We're supposed to have a big snow storm today into tomorrow. I'm OK with more snow on the garden. And I agree with you, January is supposed to be cold and snowy. Last year our biggest snowfall was April 17th! Ugh.

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