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Wednesday, January 09, 2019


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The ultimate decorator, you coordinate your footwear with the room colors. How cool is that?

Loree / danger garden

Love this! And I have that same step-stool in orange.

Linda Brazill

I adore these red clogs but they are starting to split. I ordered a new pair online but they are — of course — different.


LOL!! Truly excellent vignette, a selfie of a sort.

Kris P

Red's your color!


I LOVE the red room! And that you have always had one.

Linda Brazill

After I took a few photos in the red room, I was setting the iPad down on the top of the black bookcase and suddenly saw that image. Had to snap it as I thought it was so funny. A large format selfie!

Lisa at Greenbow

One of the best selfies I seen lately. Red, red, red.

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