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Tuesday, January 08, 2019


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Sounds like some great class offerings! Looking forward to hearing which ones you attend.

Lisa at Greenbow

I wish there were classes like this around here. I would also take part in them. Have fun.

Kris P

You're lucky to have such great courses available to you, Linda. The Huntington and the LA Arboretum offer some good courses here but traveling through the downtown corridor to get to either venue puts me off. This past year my local botanic garden offered one series on sustainable gardening I enjoyed and I'm hoping there will be more in the same vein this year but there's no word as yet.

Linda Brazill

For a community our size in a cold climate, we do have a lot of garden organizations and options.


These all sound wonderful; you all are indeed fortunate to have so many options. I would be tempted by the classes at Olbrich, with which I feel vicariously familiar from reading about your visits there.


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