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Friday, February 08, 2019


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Sorry about the demise of your beloved red clogs. When we find something that works so well, it's difficult to find a perfect replacement. Does the company website show any retailers nearby where you could stop in and audition replacements in person?

Laura Munoz

I can empathize having owned the perfect pair of garden clogs, which eventually wore out. I've yet to find a good replacement.--I purchased two pair since but neither were up to the job.

You may not be this sentimental, but could you re-purpose the clogs to house small succulents? (Drill holes for drainage if needed.) I think a pair of red clogs growing some succulents would look cute.

Lisa at Greenbow

I had some turquoise clogs like those that I wore for years. I would also like to find a replacement. They used to be so popular but you don't see them where you can try them on anymore. I hope you find something to replace them with.

Linda Brazill

That is a sweet idea as I see all kinds of quirky containers used for succulents.

Linda Brazill

I still see Crocs but they are no good because of all the openings. I want something to keep my feet dry.

Barbara H.

I don't have the red clogs but I've got an old twill cotton army green jacket that was perfect for gardening. It has bleach spots and the collar is very worn and frayed. I could never wear it anywhere than in the garden and even there I save it for only occasional use. I've been looking for its equivalent with no luck but continue to peruse the Internet and racks at thrift store occasionally. Good luck with your search.

Kris P

Although I can't claim any of my garden shoes lasted 20 years, I know how you feel. I always mourn their loss when I decide I have to face replacing them. I currently use Sloggers and replaced my red-patterned version this year with a more subdued pattern on a black ground but I still miss my red pair.

Linda Brazill

You would not think we could get so attached to these garden items of clothing and find it that hard to replace them. I think part of my frustration is just that I don't like shopping and having to spend time trying to find what I think I need. Plant shopping: yes; most other shopping: only when I have to!

Linda Brazill

I will have to check out Sloggers. It's not a name i know.


That's the worst because the replacements are never as good as the originals. Goodbye red clogs ... you were loved.

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