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Monday, February 18, 2019


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Lisa at Greenbow

Your area has had more than its fair share of snow storms this year. Whew. This is the perfect picture for you at this time. ha..

Susan Adler Sobol

Love the picture! Thanks for the laugh on this gray, snowy day. Getting ready to leave the house -- have to allow extra time to clean all that snow off the car. Your neighbor to the south, Susan

Linda Brazill

Mark saw that picture online somewhere and once he showed it to me, I couldn't resist using it!

Linda Brazill

The saving grace is that we're retired and don't have to go out to work regardless of the weather.


You're certainly getting a lot thrown at your garden this year with the polar vortex and snow on snow. The picture made me laugh out loud; thanks to Mark for finding it and to you for sharing it. There are still patches of snow in the garden and shoveled banks of snow around that are a reminder of our comparatively brief snow event.

Kris P

I'm beginning to feel the same way about rain - and I didn't think that was possible! We finally got a break that looks as though it could last at least 2 days.


Sleety snow on the way tomorrow night in western Virginia, two days after another all-day rain (with thunder!). Sanity-saving sun today and tomorrow, but 30mph winds make it hard to enjoy except from inside.

Went out and clipped off old foliage on hellebores for an hour or so Saturday, first outdoor work for two months, and have been alarmingly sore and stiff since. Old age is a literal p.i.t.a. I can see I need to set myself in-motion inside tasks daily if I'm to be able to handle spring...

Susan Adler Sobol

A great advantage of retirement! Ha! Ha!

Beth @ PlantPostings

Ha! I'm with you. We've had so much weird weather this winter--and an immense amount of snow for the past few weeks! Great skiing weather, but I don't ski anymore. I was looking at the state climatology office records of snowfall for this season--we actually had below normal snowfall until mid-January...since then it's been a steady climb upward. Normal seasonal snowfall is 50 inches, and we've already had 47 inches! I'm ready for spring!

Linda Brazill

I just took a Saturday morning workshop called Fitness for Gardeners. But it will take some effort to get ready to work outdoors. And who knows how long it will take for all this snow to melt.

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