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Monday, February 25, 2019


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Barbara H.

That's pretty amazing. I'm glad you had the pictures to share to put it all into perspective. This last week I've had about 10" of rain in my rain gauge and am very glad I live on a slope.

Linda Brazill

Go google "ice boom on the Niagara River" if you want to see current the winter event in the Buffalo area.


Yikes! That was quite a storm and, as you said, certainly puts things in perspective. So glad you moved to a climate with less snow.

Barbara H.

Oh my gosh, I just watched a video of the ice breaking over a low wall and piling up into an ice dam along the shore of the Niagara River. Very powerful force - I would hate to have shoreline property impacted by the ice.

Linda Brazill

It always amazes me when I see how close people build (and are allowed to build) near shorelines. Sooner or later something unpleasant is going to happen. In really bad winters, Niagara Falls "freezes." The falls doesn't really freeze but so much ice forms and keeps piling up that it makes the falls looks like it has frozen. I'm sure there are photos of that out there as well.

Loree / danger garden

I am amazed that people stay in places with winters like that!

Linda Brazill

The way I think about it is that winter keeps the riff riff out! Imagine if we all moved to your city.

Though how weather may start to affect internal US migration is a big question.

Lisa at Greenbow

I remember that year. It was bad here too. Nothing like what you had though. Just remember it won't be as long as it has been and spring will arrive.

Linda Brazill

Even though the weather is miserable, I am glad that it is about to be March. That at least suggests Spring is on the way. You are so lucky to be seeing a Crocus!

Kris P

Even with your photos, it's hard to imagine that kind of snow. I'd have skipped future Christmas holiday visits too. I hope this week's snow in Madison is light.

Linda Brazill

Sometimes it just make more sense (and more fun) to travel when weather doesn't have to be a major concern.


Ouch. I'm going to pass on seeing that happen again. My fingers are crossed we can get through to spring without a final snowpocalypse hurrah!

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