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Monday, February 04, 2019


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Love the bottle! So many great plants from the Fynbos, a few of which survive in my garden. After the warmest January on record, we're having snow coming in sideways and below freezing temperatures. On the bright side, schools are closed and I have a day off.

Loree / danger garden

That's wonderful!

Linda Brazill

We went from -28 when we woke up Thursday morning to 43 when we got up on Sunday morning. Now it is raining and I am worried all my snow cover may disappear. Weather rarely does what we gardeners want it to do.


What a great fallback for a Monday vase. Lovely and interesting.


Gosh, you have shared some intersting facts about South Africa and the concept of Table Mountain having more plant species than the UK is astonishing! It is such a pretty bottle as well and although I haven't drunk gin in years I am really curious about all these new botanical ones coming out and would be curious to try one

Kris P

That may be the prettiest liquor bottle I've ever seen! I don't know if you follow Diana's blog, Elephant's Eye on False Bay, but she routinely shares photos taken in her own garden and the wild of all those wonderful plants that grow in South Africa. I'd previously read that the country was the source of the world's most diverse botanical ecosystem but her posts each month affirm the fact. While I can grow a lot of those plants I covet all of them that have yet to enter trade in the US.

Amelia Grant

Wow, the bottle is worth the price! and the box. I hope you stay safe and warm, the temperatures were truly frightening.


This is my favorite IAVOM ever.

Beth @ PlantPostings

That's an awesome label, and I can only imagine what the gin tastes like. I'm not a big gin drinker, but that would be one to try. Lovely for decorative purposes, too.


So glad you have enjoyed the gin and that it served (and continues to serve) as a reminder of us while we are away in South Africa.

Looks like the bottle is running a little low, though. We will need to plan a trip back to Madison soon.


Cin Cin! I love a Martini too so I was most interested by your beautiful bottle. When the weather is so cold, a little spirit is just the right thing. I hope your weather improves soon and you have some blooms to pick.

Greg A Miller

Very nice review of fynbos, the geographic area; and photos of the content of that mysterious box!

Lisa at Greenbow

Now that is a vase I could really get into. Not only that but the flowers depicted are so charming. I see several on there that Kris and Hover Boo have in their gardens. Crazy. Wouldn't it be fun to go over there and have a look around. More winter dreaming...More likely I would be lucky just to find a beautiful bottle of that gin.


That is so lovely! Those botanical pictures are great! I used to drink gin too, and am intrigued by the ingredients in this one. Has the bottle been opened already? ;-)

Linda Brazill

The bottle has been opened and the gin is very nice. We’ve grown rather fond of botanical-flavored gins.

Karen @ Lady of LaMancha

Well, I haven't had a gin and tonic since college, but this gin sure looks yummy! I might even have to put the Fynbos Biome on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing!

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