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Thursday, February 07, 2019


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Loree / danger garden

While there's still snow in places on the ground here most of it is gone (high of 39 yesterday) BUT we're looking at a crazy forecast of possibly epic amounts over the weekend and into next week. Or maybe not. It might just hit the Seattle area (sorry Peter). Talk about mood swings. I'm not sure what to prepare for.

Linda Brazill

I'm sure non-gardeners just worry about roads or maybe power outages while we are going bonkers looking out the window at how much plants are covered or weighed down or iced over. Hard not to be held hostage by the weather when one is a serious gardener.

Kris P

The concept of a snow blanket as protection is foreign to me other than in concept. In any case, I hope yours hangs on long enough to provide adequate protection. How thick should it be to accomplish that?

Linda Brazill

How thick is a good question. I am not really sure. I assume a few inches of snow will help but up to a foot is ideal. The big problem is temperature changes which can cause the ground to freeze/thaw and heave plants right out. So you want enough snow to keep it all frozen even if the temps start to go up. We just had a few minutes of freezing rain and now everything is coated with a dangerous amount of heavy wet snow/ice mix.


These swings in the weather are very worrying for the gardener. Lack of snow cover is a problem when arctic winds arrive. Years ago when I gardened in Quebec and Ontario I never had to worry about the plants. I gardened in my own zone. Now I am gardening in everyone else's zone and the weather swings are really driving me crazy. We went from high 70s yesterday to 30s tonight. Blankets are out again and plants have been moved. When will I learn.


The bipolar weather patterns this year do tend to wear on one's nerves. As Loree said, up this way, they're predicting more snow for Friday - Monday. (A foot in some areas.) Snow by itself can be a delight but, once again, it'll be coming in sideways on strong winds & cold temperatures. It's hard to believe that spring is only 22 days away.

Lisa at Greenbow

I feel your pain. Yesterday it was 60F and it rained all day. I emptied 4.5" from the rain gauge. Flooding is the problem here. Even in our garden there are areas of standing water. Of course the ground was still frozen so the water didn't drain away very good before the cold front came barreling through. It is still windy and cold today having dropped down to 18F with the wind chill being 3F. All I can do is grin and bear it. It is what it is. Like you I am wondering what this will do to all the plants in our garden. No snow here at all to protect them.

Linda Brazill

We had bad freezing rain yesterday, lots of power outages but luckily not at my house. Everything is still glittering this morning and we are in for more cold weather. I hate not having a real winter but then I don't think I like the real thing anymore either!

Linda Brazill

I am always amazed to realize how many wildly different climates you've gardened in. And now, wherever we live, it is hard to tell what climate it is and what to prepared for!


I'm right there with you. I'm just holding my breath to see the damage that this winter will do on the garden. I still haven't replaced everything I lost last year.


There was a lot of excitement around here during that last spell of warm weather, but I for one was not entirely pleased. Like you say, the ground is bare and exposed, and my mood went up only to be followed by another crash when the cold returned. A solidly cold winter is far less stressful!

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