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Tuesday, February 26, 2019


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Lovely shots showing winter's subtle beauty. Let's hope that spring comes soon so we can enjoy the more in-your-face aesthetic quality of that season.

Kris P

Snow IS pretty! I'm not sure I could stand the cold temperatures that come with it, though, seeing as I complain about freezing when it's in the mid-50s.

Lisa at Greenbow

Beautiful pictures of trees.

Linda Brazill

These temps would keep you by the fire for sure. I met my gal pals for our weekly Monday coffee and it was only in the teens. Normal for this time of year is the mid-30s but we are only at half that at the moment with a lot of single digit overnight temps. The cold temps are really depressing — more than the snow.


The only comforting thought is that these temps aren't happening with open ground.

Your bur oak is a beauty.

Do you all have non-winter pics from the Kohler arboretum? I don't know a thing about it.

Linda Brazill

We were only there one time and it was late winter and there was a surprise snowstorm. But Kohler is not an arboretum. That was just in a park.


The snow really accentuates the structure of the trees, and one can fix one's gaze and admire their form. Great pictures. Keep safe.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Winter won't release its icy grip! I have a feeling spring will happen fast when it happens. (Well, it always does, of course, but this year is weird every way around.)

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