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Monday, February 11, 2019


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Oooh, I tried a maidenhair fern inside once, and clearly didn't water it enough. I wish you continued luck with yours. They are lovely.

Barbara H.

I have succumbed to the fern's invitation several times and lost many of them. Right now I have one out on my enclosed back porch that is still alive but there are so many plants out there that I don't see it until I water. It's also quite small. You are so right about needing to repot those store plants, though. I have one that is soaking up moisture in the sink right now. Your large Boston fern is magnificent and shows off well on its pedestal in front of the window.


Your ferns will be a lovely addition to the house, Linda, and I know what you mean as I want to begin introducing houseplants that I won't neglect and forget about, but the right plant for the right location is so important. And I am glad you are holding onto your slim pickings for as long as possble as it shows how much you value their presence

Linda Brazill

This is the first time I've managed to keep those ferns alive for more than a week indoors!

Linda Brazill

I have to agree the light shining on the Boston fern adds a lot to the house when it is cold and white out.


Something so compelling about ferns. I love the delicacy of the maidenhair.


Congratulations on your success with the Boston fern and the others. They're such delicate-looking but tough plants and it's a joy to have a bit of greenery inside. We're also covered in snow for a while longer. Crazy weather.

Loree / danger garden

I rather like the dried Dryopteris 'Brilliance' frond and I'm amazed at how good your Boston fern looks. I would have thought it would need a lot more humidity.

Linda Brazill

I've had good luck with Boston ferns over the years. I always let a little water sit in the saucer and I think that helps provide a bit of humidity. If I think of it, I mist but that's fairly rare.


I love ferns...there is something primordial about them, and you are perfectly fine with the old leaves...even older in fossils they are magical. Thanks for posting you house plants.

Kris P

Methinks you may be on your way to a fernery after all. I'd hoped to have some bountiful ferns in my lath house but only one of those I tried survived last summer. However, now that I have additional shade covers for the hot summer months, I'm going to try again, using bigger pots this time.

Amelia Grant

Ferns are a favorite of mine. I really love the Maidenhair Ferns, I think Southern Shield Ferns are my all time favorite. I have never successfully grown any in the house - so my hat is off to you. I am feeling a fernery in your future.

Beth @ PlantPostings

A fernery sounds like a great idea. Like you, we have many ferns in the garden--some growing naturally, others planted by the previous owners and still going strong. I've always enjoyed ferns. Your arrangement is attractive!

Lisa at Greenbow

I think your indoor fernery is fine. I have terrible luck with Bostons inside. They drop so many petals it drives me crazy. I don't bring them inside anymore. Do you set out our ferns during summer? I sort of miss my huge staghorn fern. I hope it likes its new home.

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