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Tuesday, February 05, 2019


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There's always room for something as lovely as the white Glaucidium palmatum for which you've longed. As Kelly Dodson describes it, "...uncommonly beautiful, a well-grown mature plant is a prized trophy which marks you as a gardener of exquisite taste." A plant made for you!

Lisa at Greenbow

Oh I hate that when I am thinking and dreaming through winter and realize I don't take good enough photos of most everything. Arrgh. If you were anything like me, and you aren't, I would be purchasing that plant so fast the CC machine would be whirring.

Kris P

I've never heard nor seen Glaucidium palmatum before. It's lovely. The flowers remind me a little of a peony. You definitely "need" it!

Linda Brazill

I am trying to talk myself out of buying it because I do have a few single white peonies and it is somewhat similar. And the nursery is in British Columbia so you have to get a special permit and shipping is fairly expensive. But no final decision made so far!


Stunning plant, indeed. At this time of year I think I have wide open spaces (just ordered some jasmines in fact) but I know for a fact that I don't really.




How could you not find room for the Glaucidium? It'll echo your existing one, bringing unity to the garden by repetition. Not plant greed all! Design considerations. Pay no attention to those import/shipping costs behind the curtain!


I do this too: Think that I've taken every possible photo of my garden and when I go back there's nothing. I didn't even take pictures of many of my containers this year! And I'll believe that you won't order anything else for that area when I see it. :)

Beth @ PlantPostings

Yes, this is a funny thing, isn't it? I know I planted several new things, but I'm not good about putting stakes with names everywhere, so ... I'll have some surprises. ;-) Too bad about the Sumac--I was thinking how lovely it was in that first photo. Oh well, as you say, openness and changes are good, too.

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