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Wednesday, February 13, 2019


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Thanks for the morning giggle. "We're Buried Again" is perfect for the images of Mary's monument. It's good that both your garden and Mary have a protective blanket of snow. That being said, it's time for winter to be over now!

Loree / danger garden

For a moment I thought I was reading Peter's blog this morning! Creative puns, gravestones, snow...

Kris P

Cute! It'd be interesting to uncover Mary and her family's history. Migration may have allowed her to avoid the Irish potato famine and see Wisconsin become the US's 30th state.

Linda Brazill

During the snowstorm on Monday night I was fooling around on the web and unexpectedly discovered info on my paternal great-grandfather and his father. My great-great grandfather came over from Ireland in 1847 as a child, so I am going to have to see if I can find out if it was famine related.

Had dinner recently in restaurant whose bar and casual dining area is a wonderful old re-habbed barn. They have a huge U.S. flag and we all counted the stars: 31. Right after Wisconsin was admitted was California, no. 31!

Lisa at Greenbow

The grave stone tells an interesting story.
Genealogy is a deep rabbit hole to plunge into. A good winter pass time.

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