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Tuesday, March 26, 2019


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Thanks for sharing the work of these four women artists (women's work?) and for the links. No Palmer vases for me either but some beautiful ideas.

Kris P

Nice post! I wish you hadn't sent me to Palmer's website. Now I'm imagining an addition to my vase collection...

Linda Brazill

I've been looking at her vases for I bet 5 years and I could afford one of the small ones but it seems too crazy to spend that much when I have an army of great vases already.

Susan Adler Sobol

I am saving this post and adding some of the books to my wish list. I have the Buchan book on Valerie Finnis. Her photos are wonderful (truly, every picture tells a story). A wonderful friend gifted my daughter with a lovely Frances Palmer vase as a wedding gift. I'm headed to visit the kids this week-end and among other things, I'm looking forward to arranging flowers in it!

Linda Brazill

You can find a lot of work by the women online if you google their names. I've also found some nice videos on them that way as well. That vase is certainly a wonderful gift and you are definitely going to have fun playing with it!

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