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Wednesday, March 20, 2019


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Barbara H.

Yes, it's good to have distractions to eat up the time until the garden activity is possible. I was just getting started when I had to have a second surgery on my left eye to get rid of retained fragments of cataract. All is well now and this is the last day of the seven day restriction on yard and house work. There's so much to do out there!

Linda Brazill

I don't have to have cataract surgery for a couple of years yet but my doc said my problems with small type won't get better until I have it. Not looking forward to the inactivity spread out over each eye. On the other hand, I am glad that it is now so routine that i don't have to be too freaked out about someone touching my eyes!


Sending you warm wishes to melt all that snow. Our temperatures have gone from winter to summer in just a couple of weeks and everywhere I look there are tasks that need to be done.

Anna K

I'm with Peter - sending you waves of warmth from our part of the world that turned the icy winds into balmy ones overnight. Hope Spring gets to you soon. After all, it's time - today is the Spring Equinox!

Kris P

Although it's trying on one's patience, a slow melt is better than a fast one in terms of flooding risk, isn't it?

Beth @ PlantPostings

Wow, you have a lot more snow than we do! Although we still have huge gray piles out by the street. Ugh. My Daffodils and Crocuses are getting tall. The Snowdrops are just about to bloom. Unfortunately, the locations of the Hellebores are under snow (note to self...). Happy spring!

Linda Brazill

I am glad we're not having any flooding but I do wish the snow would disappear a little faster. I am going out today to try to walk around again and see if anything is happening farther from the house.

Linda Brazill

You are correct. Slowly melting snow is frustrating but water in the basement would be more frustrating. I should be trying to get some things done indoors because once I can garden everything falls by the wayside. But I just keep staring out the window, waiting to see something different!

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