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Thursday, March 21, 2019


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Barbara H.

Oh what a beauty! So glad you were able to find it. It makes me want to say "Linda made me do it!" but I don't know where I would put it - yet, anyway.

Linda Brazill

I am hoping my memory of the garden and a few photos from last year really do contain open spaces for the plants I've ordered. Otherwise, I'm in trouble!


That Loree is a dangerous influence:) So glad you found 'Jade Tiger', it's a beauty. There's always room for more plants.

Linda Brazill

I learned the concept of "cramscaping" from Loree (or you?!), so I agree there is always room for more.

Kris P

It IS gorgeous. Regrettably, hellebores don't do as well here as they do in your climate. I've planted several but, to date, only 'Anna's Red' and "Phoebe' have bloomed reliably (if lightly).

Linda Brazill

I haven't read that much about them but they may be one of those plants that needs the cold to bloom.


I'm planning someday to add a "black" hellebore here, and the O'Byrnes' Black Diamond strain has the look I'm after. With the selected strains (vs. named, tissue cultured, and usually sterile cultivars) there's still a lot of variability, so shopping is ideally done in person. Piece of cake on the west coast from the Bay Area north.

Here in the upper south/east, the best bets are winter open days at Plant Delights (which now offers some of the O'Byrne lines) and the hellebore festival at Pine Knot near the VA/NC border. Not enough energy or money for that trip this year, so taking pleasure in an excellent dark purple, one of the best children here from a very ordinary "pink" Pine Knot hellebore (that has also mothered a gratifying number of good white-flowering ones).

Linda Brazill

What fun to be able to go to either of those nurseries. I ordered a few Hellebores from Pine Knot and our dreadful winter of 2017/18 was their first. They did not make an appearance last year but I am hoping they are still alive and will show up this year. I have a couple of the dark Hellebores and really love them.

Loree / danger garden

Yay!!! And not just one but three, I like your style!


There may be a relationship between this post and the plant order I placed yesterday. All stuff I needed, of course, and I'm sure there is a spot for everything somewhere.


Linda Brazill

In for a penny . . .

Linda Brazill

There is always room for one more; at least when it comes to plants!


Good for you!
I think it would be a terribly dangerous thing if these were more available around here. I've bought plants as mixed colors... meh, grown some real nice ones from seed!, and bought a few named ones which are awesome. Now you have me thinking I need more.
Here they're finally staring to bud up. I hope yours aren't far behind!

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