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Tuesday, March 19, 2019


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Kris P

And here this morning I was complaining about the raccoons latest digging expedition...I can't even imagine dealing with the winter conditions you face.


Wishing you a gradual but steady warmup. Those woody plants are going to be glad of the deep moisture this summer.

We're having the first week since Labor Day with no precipitation, and it is remarkable how quickly the ground's lost its squelchiness. Taking it slowly, though: I was way too inactive this winter, and really feel it after a decent session of cutdown/cleanup.

Linda Brazill

It is always hard to go as slow as is safe and healthy for our bodies after winter. Everywhere you look that is usually something you want to attack.

Loree / danger garden

You must be so “done” with this all...

Barbara H.

Your description of stomping through to be able to walk around brought back long ago memories of winter in the Midwest and growing up in Michigan. At least you are seeing some progress in the slow departure of winter.

Linda Brazill

It is definitely warming up and the snow is slowly melting. I would like it to disappear faster but this is safer in terms of keeping water out of our basement. When we bought this house, we were pleased the back faced the sun which was perfect for gardening and light indoors in winter since we have big windows on that side. But it is miserable in terms of having your driveway and front door on the north side when we have such a cold and snowy winter as this.

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