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Friday, March 15, 2019


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Jane Strong

What a lovely idea! I'm not too fond of corned beef and cabbage myself. I think I'll make leek and potato soup, best for a Welsh person, don't you think? Thanks for the inspiration.

Linda Brazill

When I think of it, I love that soup with leeks. I tend to have potatoes and regular onions on hand most of the time, so that's usually what gets used.


That shot of the garden at Ballymaloe filled with kitchen staff is pure delight: order and super-abundance combined.

As I put on boots to head out to the garden, I notice that the staff who should be accompanying me in cutting down the remains of last season are nowhere to be found. How odd; they must be taking the week off.

Linda Brazill

I am sure your hard-working staff deserves a week off. How thoughtful of you!

Kris P

It sounds and looks yummy. Not being much of a cook myself, I was initially confused by the reference to saluting chopped onions in butter, thinking it must be a term for some cooking technique I'm unfamiliar with ;)

Sandra Lawrence

Seen on social network:

"The guy who invented auto-correct should burn in hello!"


Looks and sounds like a delicious soup, perfect for the day. I read saute and wouldn't have noticed salute had you not mentioned it. Glad you did, though as the thought of standing at attention for onions brought a chuckle.

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