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Tuesday, March 05, 2019


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Lisa at Greenbow

These are treasures. You are lucky to have them. I can't wait to see the rest. Gary bought our house from the original owners. He said he got nothing along these lines, just a mortgage. ;)

Kris P

These are wonderful mementos, Linda! Californians are inclined to tear down homes rather than preserving them too. My brother lives in our childhood home (also built in 1954) and he was able to find records on-line that once advertised the home and those surrounding it as "estate" properties, which is pretty ridiculous if you saw the homes now, but they were indeed constructed in the mid-century modern mold. I don't have any data on the home my husband and I now inhabit, built in 1951, which was also constructed with classic mid-century features, although these have been tinkered with by prior owners. One day I'll see if I can dig a little deeper to look for the original plans but I believe our home was built by the original owner as a stand-alone property long, long before the city around us was incorporated.

rusty duck

I love old documents like this, they tell such a story. And if related to your own house specifically then even more so!
Future buyers will also have your blog, if you choose to tell them about it, so they can see how the garden has developed in modern times. I'm not sure whether my own blog would be a fascination or have prospective buyers head for the hills!

Michael Bridgeman

Great stuff. I've been doing research on ranch houses and this is terrific material.

Linda Brazill

They also left us the plans for the addition and all the booklets, repair receipts etc for appliances that were in the house. Very much the work of a professor's wife to my mind. Reminded me of my mother and the way women of the 50s took charge of household records.

Linda Brazill

I think future buyers would love your blog. You've done so much work to make your house/garden livable and all to the good. Plus you've really worked hard to maintain the authenticity of your house as much as possible which is what so few folks do today.

Linda Brazill

That is so lovely that your brother lives in your childhood home. I have never driven past my grandparents' houses or our last family home because I don't want to ruin my memories. Nice to have those preserved.


How lucky you are to have this documentation. It's true, we're just stewards of our homes even though they sure feel like they're ours when we're living in them.

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