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Friday, March 08, 2019


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Lisa at Greenbow

Beautiful. Perfect for Women's Day.

Linda Brazill

I thought she should get a little shout out! My other niece on my side of the family is a newspaper reporter in Pittsburgh. I was looking for the photo of her interviewing Obaama but couldn't find it, so her cousin got to be the star this time.

Barbara H.

Oh, those words from Whitman - I had a meltdown this morning when talking to my sister. All the ugliness being uncovered as that dark blanket of quietness is being ripped off so many dark deeds. May your two nieces continue to be shining stars in this new age that is finally dawning.

Kris P

A great way to recognize International Women's Day - and your niece!


I hope she likes Washington, although I sometimes think that working on the Hill does not put one in contact with a stellar group of people (obvious exceptions, of course).

BUT she is very handy to the Botanic Gardens for short escapes.


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