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Thursday, April 18, 2019


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It's always something... Your bell will be happily hanging in its proper place in no time.

Linda from Each LIttle World

The good news is that it is a job that Mark has to do not me!

Kris P

Might the "someone" be a squirrel? None of them are inclined to behave themselves in the garden. At least the bell wasn't broken.

Linda from Each LIttle World

Luckily the bell is metal and fell on the ground rather than cement. Probably squirrels as there are a lot of them always around. The bell has been hanging there through a lot of rain and snow which I'm sure made it easier to chew through.

Lisa at Greenbow

The dreaded squirrels struck again no doubt. The rotten furry-tailed rodents. I am happy to see that it didn't break during its fall.


I wonder what made the chewing worthwhile, given that it's not really edible. Maybe coat or impregnate the next bell rope with something non-toxic but non-tasty? Really glad for you all that the bell survived the fall.

The groundhog, or possibly a rabbit, put an early end to the flowering of two lungworts here. They've never been bothered before, and I always assumed the scratchy-fuzzy quality of the leaves and stems would make them unpalatable. More caging; grrrr.

Linda Brazill

My garden looks like I am growing cages, there are so many of them.


Every year when I see your hepaticas, I make a mental note to grow some in my garden. And then I forget and you post again. Do you supposed I will remedy that one of these years? As always, your collection is lovely.

Linda from Each little World

I read your post on Clematis and should have gone out and looked at mine. I forgot to cut them back and now they are growing and a big mess. I am guessing I am going to have the least flowers ever. Usually my Guernsey Cream is covered. Too funny that we read each other but can't remember what sparked our interest at the right moment!

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