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Monday, April 15, 2019


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Yikes, that's cold for April. Both vases are lovely and full of spring's promise. Fingers crossed for their sisters still in the frigid garden.


White hellebores with picotee edges are my favorite kind, and although double blooms rarely appeal, in this case they really enhance the effect. That hepatica's way more effective indoors; good move to bring in some blooms. Hang in there!


Oh that chionodoxa is such a pretty colour - I was looking for some white amidst the purple iris! And that hellebore is gorgeous! You must be delighted to have managed to pick the contents before the weather turned cold again 😊

Kris P

Your little arrangements are very pretty, Linda. I'm with Mark on the Chionodoxa. I'm sorry your garden's been caught in a serious weather whiplash and I certainly hope your plants will find a way to spring back. (Pun intended.)

Loree / danger garden

I love both of your vases, may there be many more ahead...


Love those irises and the Chionodoxa certainly are pretty in your vase. Glad spring is visible here and there for you.

Lisa at Greenbow

The Iris Reticulata in my garden is just now blooming too. They are such short lived blooms here. Yours look pretty in a vase.

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