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Monday, April 29, 2019


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I enjoy your combinations of art and flowers. Always so lovely. Trillium erectum is beautiful against the red tray.


I'm so sorry about the frost warning but bringing so many blooms indoors is certainly a treat. I especially like the composition with the heirloom vase and your collage.


The trials of being a gardener - here, I can be fairly confident that we will have had our last frost (but not absolutely!). I am glad you rescued your special blooms to sisplay in your equally special vases - the ones by Richard Jones are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing

Kris P

When I saw your last post, I wondered if you'd snatch some of those blooms for a Monday vase - or two or three. I'm glad you did. They're lovely. I hope your weather warms up today. We've got drizzle here this morning and I've got a tour scheduled with a group of 8th graders in an hour. The weather gods are crazy!


Yesterday's shot of the lovely Peony mairei in full bloom, shivering in the snow, tore at my heartstrings. Glad to see it in a vase.I

So early that it overlaps hellebores! Species peonies pique my interest. Earliest here is herbaceous hybrid 'Claire Dr Lune', whose week of glory just ended. Now 'Campagna' and the tree peony, and with onrushing heat we're off to the races...

The red Trillium on the red tray is one of the most elegant moments ever. Hope you all dodged the threat of freezing that brought it to us.

Loree / danger garden

All three vases are wonderful!


Poise and quality....


So sorry about your snow and frost at this time of year - enough to make one cry. So glad you saved a few flowers to share with us. They are beautiful!

Lisa at Greenbow

Your snatches are quite nice. I am glad you rescued them from the cold. Oh that peony...drool.

Linda from Each little World

Looks like most everything is going to be OK but too frustrating as it is now raining for a number of days. I have yet another order of plants on the way that are going to have to join the others waiting for good weather to plant them.


Frost at peony time is a nightmare. I hope there wasn't too much damage. Nice excuse to bring flowers into the house though. ;-) Your trillium is an intriguing and elegant flower - looks good the exotic vase .

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