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Friday, April 12, 2019


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Barbara H.

I'm so sorry you are experiencing the ups and downs of a rough spring / end of winter. It can be very discouraging! But that moss is beautiful and set off well by its surroundings.

Linda from Each LIttle World

The moss looks great this morning. Just uncovered a few things I tried to protect from the snow and they all look good. I am hoping that's the end of winter. But we've been surprised in the past with very late snowstorms.

Kris P

I saw your post's title and thought you must of had a sudden shift in weather conditions. At least the moss is happy.


Can see that the Zen influences in the garden are also having an impact on the gardener... That is one glowing moment for the moss.

I'll be interested to follow along to see what happens with your moss and mine as (if?) the weather warms and dries. Our very wet fall and winter has greatly increased existing patches of it, or possibly just made them more noticeable via the glow.


Moss is so beautiful, I am always amazed by people who don't see that and want to replace it with lawn, etc. Here there seems to be a problem with moss on roofs, although I'm not clear on what damage it actually causes?


Linda from Each LIttle World

We have it on the north side of our roof and I am not really sure if it has caused any damage or maybe it takes a long time. I like the look but do worry about it up there a bit.

Linda from Each LIttle World

I am guessing this is the best the moss will look all year, unless we have a rainy summer. When it gets dry the critters dig it up and toss it around looking for bugs.


Oooo, that's gorgeous. I love moss.

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