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Thursday, April 25, 2019


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Kris P

Congrats on your new arrivals! I hope you avoid the snow. They're giving us a chance of rain on Monday here but I suspect that's a pipe dream.


Desperately envying your yellow hellebore. Fingers crossed you avoid the snow and sub-freezing temps.

Planting a few PD acquisitions today, hoping they'll be watered in by tonight's predicted rain. In theory we've had our last frost; in practice, it can still happen again for the next two weeks.

Lisa at Greenbow

Your plant haul looks like fun. What kind of mini hosta did you get? I love the minis. All the mini hostas I planted in the ground from pots last summer survived our brutal winter. I am so pleased. Last year this time we had snow and freezing temps. It is very unusual for us here. This year we are running above temperatures and rain. I will take it.

Linda from Each little World

I got 'Cameo'. I bought two of them last year but have not seen them yet. But even my biggest and oldest Hostas just started coming up in the last day or so. I like the minis as well though they do seem to be rabbit candy.


There's always one or two of those nights in late April or early May to fool us, right? By Mother's Day we should be ready to plant, plant, plant. Many spring ephemerals can take a touch of frost, since the woodland floor is a little warmer. They are amazing plants, aren't they?

Barbara H.

Somehow I missed this post yesterday - hope your plants all survived the night!

Linda from Each little World

Frankly I'm guessing snow might help to mitigate the temps they are predicting. I'm worried about things like my tree peony which is quite far along as well as a rose and lady slipper orchid. Too many things to cover so I will just have to hope for the best.


What kind of cosmic joke is this to get a shipment of plants and warning of snow in the same week? Fingers crossed that the snow and cold pass you by!

Linda from Each little World

The temp predictions are for the airport and I am hoping we are urban enough that it will help to keep them higher. Plus I think that a little snow might actually help keep the roots warm and mitigate the temps. We'll see what happens. The forecast keeps changing and so far not getting better.


That looks fun!
I just got a box of roses of all things. Must have been a pretty gloomy day in February that had me thinking I needed a few roses! Hope the frost passes you by. I think we've been through enough this winter.

Linda from Each little World

We got about an inch of snow and the temp may have gone down to 28°. But the things I covered did fine and most things look good this morning. We'll see if the Hellebores and Trilliums will stand up again or they are down for the count. Late April snow and frost seem to be the new normal.

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