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Tuesday, April 30, 2019


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Barbara H.

Hah, the land of Limbo - I know it well. We are into summer days in spring, so if I lollygag around in the morning as I tend to do it doesn't leave much real working outside time. Hope your weather straightens up soon.


The plant looks like Rogersia.


Hmmmmm, maybe 'Bottle Rocket' just before blooming?

Linda from Each little World

I am actually growing that one so now I will have to watch it closely as it sends up its flower stalks.

Linda from Each little World

I just dashed out and got 7 new plants in the ground before it rains again. Luckily yesterday's rain was not enough to waterlog the soil. But it is only in the low 40s and quite miserable outdoors. Off to the movies with friends!

Lisa at Greenbow

This makes me realize I need something tall behind my bench. Sigh....


Another ID of Rodgersia. If you have shade and moisture in the soil, go for it.

Kris P

Limbo is no fun, especially when your head is already filled with dreams of Spring's promise. I glad to read that you were able to take advantage of a break between rainstorms to do a little planting.

Amelia Grant

I thought Ligularia as well, been too far south for too long to be reliable. Hope you thaw soon.


sorry, my mistake, you were referring to the middle photo, not the last one. The middle photo does have Ligularia growing behind it.

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