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Thursday, April 04, 2019


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Michael Bridgeman

Good find! The exterior details now on the inside of the Wisconsin Historical Society building are wonderful. The original building was U-shaped and the open space was filled in when the stacks were expanded in 1965-66.

Linda from Each LIttle World

Thanks for the explanation. We were definitely taken aback when we turned and saw that detail.

Barbara H.

I worked in a large public library and being in the depths of the book stacks is a somewhat scary and somewhat magical thing. How nice that you found information to help you in that rabbit hole of family history. My grandfather worked in a lead mine in Illinois for a short time and I wonder if that contributed to the Parkinson's that he had at the end of his life. He also worked on the Liberty ships in Portland in his later years, which might also have contributed. It IS very sad that so many things have not changed and that if wages go up, businesses simply move to the lower wage areas. But perhaps those lower wages are helpful to the folks in thos places. Kind of a Catch 22, I think.


Gosh look at all that room on the shelves.....this library has room for more books, how delightful.


Kris P

That's one interesting rabbit hole, Linda.

Lisa at Greenbow

I think it feels weird going down into our small town library basement by myself. I can't imagine going into a strange place like that. It is good that Mark had to go with you. Cute picture of you too.

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